100 Years and Counting

Kelly Strayhorn celebrates a century of arts and entertainment in East Liberty

By Trevor Miles


KST has some big plans to commemorate its hundred years of being an entertainment destination for East Liberty residents. Beginning as the Regent Theatre in 1914, the building that now houses KST was actually a movie house. However, after opening and closing several times, in 2001, the theater underwent a name change and took on a powerful new identity.

The Kelly Strayhorn Theater, named after Gene Kelly and Billy Strayhorn prides itself on presenting creative, daring and tantalizing contemporary works.

Janera Solomon, executive director of KST, is thrilled about the upcoming centennial celebrations at the theater. “This is an opportunity for people to bring photos and things that they value to the theater and keep it there. East liberty has changed so much in the past one hundred years– it’s interesting to think what it will be like a hundred years from now.”

You can be a part of the event by coming to the KST Centennial Community Day on Saturday, October 11, 2014, 10:00 AM-Noon, and bring memorabilia to contribute to Capsule15206!

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