Maria Caruso Gets Sentimental

KST spoke with artist Maria Caruso about her upcoming work “Sectional Sentiments”  an exploration of the everyday sentiments that are exchanged on a couch.

KST: What inspired you to create this performance?

MC:  Alexa Raquel’s music. I talked with her about doing a full length work to her album. The work is very dance related and theatrical, it stay true to the essence of the album – its sequential work to Alexa’s work. The couch is one of the only pieces of furniture you see so many exchanges between bodies and the exchanges are happening at gathering or party. The physical dialogue is happening during periods of time during gathering. Essentially this performance is extracting reality and taking it to the stage.

KST:  How long have you been working on this piece?

MC:  Since November 2010 and then it was work shopped in June 2011. All work is done at Bodiography studio in Squirrel Hill.

KST:  Are you using any music, props, set pieces, or special lighting and if so how will it enhance this work?

MC:  Just a sectional couch.

KST:  Where did the inspiration for the title come from and why is it significant?

MC:  I grew up always having a sectional couch. A couch and love seat are coordinated so they connect at corner and there are so many sentiments that happen on a couch. It’s a celebration of human beings.

KST:  How does this piece vary from others you’ve worked on?

MC:  My choreography is extremely dense. I create a gestural component extenuated by dance vocabulary. Don’t envision a lot of dance vocabulary for this piece it’s really about how our natural movement can come together.

KST:  What do you want or think the audience will gain from this performance?

MC:  I think they’ll feel like they’ve been there before and they’ll leave feeling like someone understands them. It’s really about identifying with the human condition via the celebration of experience and gesture.

Maria Caruso performs “Sectional Sentiments” on August 19 at 8PM.

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