A Cantankerous Wiegenlied

German Choreographer André Koslowski releases new Pittsburgh Premier

by Trevor Miles




You can read this teaser interview with André Koslowski of Tanz Theater André Koslowski, and see his 5 Questions video interview this week on the KST YouTube channel!


1-  What inspired you to create Wiengenlied? Is it formed from another work?
No, not informed from another work. It was developed over the last two years. The first round was kind of a draft, and then I finished it/kept working on it this year. The piece is called : A Cantankerous Wiegenlied.

2- Why is it important to you to infuse humor into your work?
Everything comes from personal stories. I never try to make something with humor. But the Sad, the Tragic, the Ridiculous, the Obscure, and the Funny, all those things can somehow end up being really close to each other.

3- How has your time performing at KST compared to other places you’ve performed?
It still feels somewhat of a ‘home’ to me. I always liked working with you guys/everybody there. KST has this passion about what they do and the works they present. It always makes me feel welcome. And it becomes more of a collaborative effort, rather than feeling ‘presented’.


Tanz Theatre André Koslowski will host a repertory workshop Thursday November 6th :: 10AM :: The Alloy Studios, and will premier A Cantankerous Weingenlied Friday November 7 & Saturday, November 8 :: 8PM :: Kelly Strayhorn Theater 

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