Moroccan choreographer expresses her African Roots in new work

By Trevor Miles


“I made a decision,” states Hind Benali, Moroccan choreographer. “I had to dance, and that meant I had to fight.”

Benali comes from a culture where women do not dance publicly. However, she uses her roots to influence her work and tell her story. On October 10-11th, she will bring her autobiographical work, IDENTITY to Alloy Studios.



Benali serves as the artistic director of this project, and teams up with hip-hop dancer Soufaine Karim and musician Mochine Imrharn to create the soundscape.

Hind will also host a Master Class on October 9th, 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM. For more info on the Master Class and IDENTITY, please use the links below.



Fleur d’Orange | Hind Benali “IDENTITY”



Master Class with Hind Benali:

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