Linda Nieves-Powell: Fast Facts

Linda Nieves-Powell will bring her play Yo Soy Latina! to the Kelly Strayhorn Theater this weekend. It will take a look at the questions,  “Who are Latinas? What struggles do they face?” Read some of Powell’s Fast Facts right here! Debut Production of "Nueva Latina Monologues"

Writer, director, producer and photographer, Linda Nieves-Powell

  • Yo Soy Latina! has been performed on off-broadway, regional theaters, and over 400 colleges across the country
  • Linda Nieves-Powell also currently produces The Nueva Latina Monologues, a collection of real-life stories and cultural themes that surround today’s Latina
  • Powell published Yo Soy Latina! in 2005
  • In addition to writing, Powell has worked on a number of films and web series’, blogs and websites including Feministing and Odd Girl In Entertainment.
  • Powell worked on Mimi’s Portrait, which was shown at the Miami Short Film Festival, San Francisco Women’s Film Festival, Lolita Film Fest and Staten Island Film Festival

f65ded_1716dbafc4e44b99bc0c0458e1edb249.jpg_srb_p_978_549_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 Debut Production of "Nueva Latina Monologues" Debut Production of "Nueva Latina Monologues"

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On Powell’s IMBD, you can see a list of projects she’s worked on. She will also be in attendance at Saturday’s performance of Yo Soy Latina! You can purchase tickets here! This event is presented in partnership with Cafe Con LecheNew Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice and as part of New Voices’Women of Color HERStory Month.

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