Spanky Wilson: Fast Facts

By Trevor Miles 



Singer Spanky Wilson is well versed in the jazz world, garnering fame for her distinct voice. Read some Fast Facts about her before you see her perform at our 7th Annual Suite Life: A Billy Strayhorn Birthday Bash!

  • Spanky Wilson has been performing since the late ‘60s
  • Wilson has performed with Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Fitzparick
  • Wilson’s discography spans nine albums, ranging from jazz to classic soul to funk music
  • Wilson once filled in for Dionne Warwick during a festival in Brazil- a crowd of almost 200,000 that gave her a standing ovation
  • Wilson performs monthly at Pittsburgh Fairmont Hotel, with Roger Humprhies as her drummer





Spanky Wilson’s “It’s the Last Day Of Summer”


And you can purchase a ticket to the concert here:

7th Annual Suite Life: A Billy Strayhorn Birthday Bash


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