Staycee Pearl Gets Down to the B Side

KST spoke with Staycee Pearl of Staycee Pearl dance project (SPdp), about the development of “interim one: b sides”, an evening length performance composed of several short works that re-imagine ideas and from previous SPdp projects and weave in new concepts.

KST: What inspired you to create this performance? 

SP: I have wanted to return to themes that we worked on in circlePOP and other ideas we haven’t been able to work on. It’s wonderful to delve into material we didn’t get to focus on in larger works. In addition, it’s practical to have shorter pieces.  At festivals, we’ll be able to showcase something complete rather than work that has been edited down. 

KST: Where did the inspiration for the title come from and why is it significant?

SP: The inspiration for the title “interim one: b sides” comes from our theme of re-working ideas from past performances.  This piece is analogous to the b-sides of old records.

KST: How long have you been working on this piece?

SP: We have been working on circlePOP for about a year and Octavia since March.  I’m going to start work on the new pieces the beginning of June.

KST: Are you using any music, props, set pieces, or special lighting and if so how will it enhance this work?

SP: We’re going to have live editing and live sound music, but no instruments.  I’m still working through the details.  My plan is for it to sound really funky!

The set will be very simple, with no props, simple lighting, and no video.  We’re going for “Staycee Pearl dance project Unplugged.”

KST: What do you want the audience to gain this performance?

SP: I would really like the audience to understand our artistic process.  They’re going to see the outtakes and the previews of our work, in addition to concepts that we’ve never explored before.  

KST: Are you working with any other artists/collaborators and if so what is their role in this work? 

SP: Nothing has been confirmed, but I hope to collaborate Vanessa German, Gwen Ritchie, and Ayanah Moor.

KST: If you had unlimited time and resources what would you choose to create and perform, and why?

SP: I go into every project with a vision that eventually requires me to make compromises because of financial limitations.  So there’s nothing in particular, but our projects would definitely be different. 

KST: What inspires you?

SP: My students and broad concepts.

Staycee Pearl dance project performs “interim one: b sides” August 12 at 11AM & 7PM. 

TICKETS | $15 General | $10 Artists, Students, & Zip Code 15206

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