newMoves Fast Facts: Jil Stifel

By Trevor Miles

Next weekend, KST is presenting its sixth annual newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival. This festival brings young local and national choreographers to the stage to present a medley of four to five short works each night. Read more about the newMoves participants here before you see their new works on stage, May 7-9.


Jil Stifel, Performing Artist, Choreographer


  • Jil Stifel is a collaborative artist who works in movement, dance and performance
  • She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Highest Honors in dance from Rutgers University
  • Jil recently collaborated with choreographer Ben Sota on a circus/ modern dance hybrid, Waywardland


  • She has also worked with Maree ReMalia | merygogo,  Staycee Pearl Dance Project and Dave Bernabo’s MODULES
  • Jil’s newMoves piece is named Knuckle Press
  • Knuckle Press investigates how shared body schema can allow us to work intricately as a single unit, and utilizes discreet movements and gestures


Visit Jil’s page for more of her work and purchase newMoves tickets on our website.




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