newMoves Fast Facts: Megan Mazarick

By Trevor Miles

This spring, KST is presenting its sixth annual newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival. This festival brings young local and national choreographers to the stage to present a medley of four to five short works each night. Read more about the newMoves participants here before you see their new works on stage, May 7-9th.

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Megan Mazarick, Choreographer


    • Megan is a Philadelphia-based choreographer, performer and teacher
    • Megan’s work has toured internationally. She considers it to be visceral, humorous and political
    • In some of Megan’s performances, she has danced on the hood of a moving car, swung from the side of a rock cliff, and rolled through the remains of crumbled buildings
    • Her most recent work monster was performed in Cairo, Egypt at the By Chance Contemporary Dance Festival in 2015
    • monster is a solo that faces female identity and being unladylike in new ways
    • The performance presents the idea of women being able to transform into ferocious predators


double troublegrowl


Check out Megan’s site for more videos, pictures, and her full biography. You can also grab your festival passes right here to see monster live.

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