newMoves Symposium Schedule Friday May 11 and Saturday May 12, 2012


FRIDAY MAY 12, 2012

10:00AM RESIDENCIES THAT WORK: ARTISTS AND PRESENTERS WORKING TOGETHER Why are residencies important to presenters and what’s the most beneficial model for artists? How do presenters partner to provide long-term support to artists and how can artists take risks to develop great work? Explore new ways presenters and artists are working together to foster innovation in dance.Conversation Starters: Marya Wethers, Craig Peterson, Kyle Abraham
10:45AM Break
11:00AM 10 OR MORE MEANINGFUL WAYS OF ENGAGING COMMUNITY in CONTEMPORARY DANCEHow do we find new audiences for contemporary dance? Is it important for an audience to be invested in artists and their work and an artist to be invested in an audience and their feedback? Discuss ways audience/artist/presenter work together to engage audiences in meaningful ways. Conversation Starters: Staycee Pearl, Ben Pryor, Sidra Bell
 1:00PM  ARTIST TALK WITH REGGIE WILSONReggie Wilson is indisputably one of America’s leading choreographers. He was born and raised in Milwaukee after his family moved north from the Mississippi delta. In 1989, he founded his Brooklyn-based Fist & Heel Performance Group. Drawing from the movement languages of the blues, slave and spiritual cultures of Africans in the Americas, Wilson adds post-modern elements and his own personal movement style to create what he calls “post-African/Neo-HooDoo Modern dances.” At this talk, Wilson discusses his approach to making work, recent projects and sustaining a career as a choreographer.
1:45PM Break
2:00PM THE COLLABORATOR: SUSTAINABLE MODELS FOR DANCE COMPANIESHow are dance makers finding new ways to collaborate and build their careers? Explore ways artists blur the lines by working cross genre in collectives, nontraditional companies and project-based collaborations. How do these models encourage sustainability and success? Conversation Starters: Jaamil Kosoko, Kate Watson-Wallace; BLOOM! Dance Collective

SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012

11:00AM  WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? MAKING AND CREATING TOURS FOR NEW WORKLets talk relationships with presenters, presenting and touring new work and some great examples of networks and support structures for touring new work by emerging artists.Conversation Starters: Sara Nash, Reggie Wilson, Sidra Bell

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