Classes + Workshops

Jameelah Platt & Davon Johnson, Anecdotes and Motion

November 7, 2019

3:00pm – 5:00pm
KST’s Alloy Studios
5530 Penn Ave

How does one tell a story? Are there visual elements, solely sound, or a marrying of the two? During this workshop with visual artist Jameelah Platt and Choreographer Davon Johnson of Lost Culture Dance Crew, we will explore how to create a visual literacy through movement, elements of sound and imagery.

Don’t miss Jameelah Platt & Lost Culture Dance Crew’s Freshworks Residency Presentation, Friday, November 1 at 8:00pm at KST’s Alloy Studios.


Pay What Makes You Happy! Registration for this workshop is available at any price. Simply choose the level that makes you happy—or name your own!