newMoves Artist Spotlight: Maree ReMalia

This spring, KST is presenting its sixth annual newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival. This festival brings young local and national choreographers to the stage to present a medley of four to five short works each night. Read more about Maree ReMalia here before you see their new works on stage, May 7-9.

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Choreographer Maree ReMalia | merrygogo


Briefly describe your role as a choreographer/dancer and your upcoming performance at newMoves?

In my role as a choreographer, I am interested in the particulars of people, places, and things. As a starting point for the first iteration of the Circulation Project (work-in-progress), my collaborators and I were exploring ideas related to habit, re-activating neglected spaces, and bringing what is at the margins to the center. We developed a collective movement language that drew from our writing, discussions, and shared interests. My role is a lot about allowing, offering prompts for movement, and holding a space that invites a range of expressions, movement and otherwise, to emerge, then responding intuitively to shape and structure the material.


What does it mean to you to be a choreographer in DC?

I have been living in D.C. for less than a year and have been activated in new ways by the spectrum of value placed on community dance, dance in healthcare, and site-specific and concert dance. I am still finding my way into the community and learning more of the range in aesthetic that exists in the area.


What your thoughts on the current and future dance scene in Pittsburgh vs. DC?

I am eager to see what transpires in the dance scenes in Pittsburgh and DC, both of which seem to be thriving and growing with support for both local and touring artists.


What do you hope to get out of your performance at newMoves? What do you hope audiences will take from your work?

Through our performance at newMoves, I look forward to building new relationships with artists I have not yet met and to reconnect with the Pittsburgh community, which has been very meaningful and present in my artistic and personal development. I hope audience members will be open to what comes up for them as they experience the work without the pressure of trying to solve it.

Buy your newMoves festival passes now and don’t forget to register for Maree’s master class on Friday, May 8, 10 AM at the Alloy Studios. Registration is pay-what-you-can and seating is limited.

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