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Your investment in Kelly Strayhorn Theater reinforces what you know to be true — art has the power to shape society. 

Since March, you’ve seen the escalation of art in the streets as part of movements for justice, on balconies showing solidarity through the pandemic, and on your screens which have reshaped the 21st-century stage. Art expresses your values and most urgent priorities for a better world, with passion and unrelenting determination. Founded by supporters, KST is proof of the power of art in community when backed by your strong commitment to action and financial contribution. 

We would never have chosen the enormous devastations of this year, just two weeks into KST’s leadership transition. But we’re here, and you’ve made it possible for KST to stay true to our mission to bring diverse communities together through art — in-person and now online. And most importantly, we’ve doubled down on KST core values you’ve come to expect. 

  • Leading PGH’s collective virtual fundraiser, “Hotline Ring,” benefitting seven arts organizations 
  • Representing Pennsylvania in The Kennedy Center’s Arts Across America performance series 
  • Welcoming demonstrators for racial justice in our lobby for respite 

We’re doing everything possible to sustain daily operations and respond to the shifting needs of community. While there is a lot of uncertainty right now, we absolutely know we can’t do it without you. 

Please SUPPORT KST TODAY by renewing your commitment to the power of arts in community for a more just world. Your contribution and participation will sustain our vision to keep the arts alive in our vibrant East Liberty community and in the city of Pittsburgh. 

Thank you for all you have done in support of KST!