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From Pittsburgh to Ferguson: Hip Hop and the Criminalization of Black Youth

Presented by 1Hood Media

Is there a connection between the criminalization of Black youth by mass media and law enforcement surrounding events in Ferguson, Missouri and similar events surrounding Black youth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? On October 3, 2014, 1Hood Media, will host a conversation that seeks to answer this question, as well as other questions surrounding the portrayal of Black youth, Hip Hop’s responsibility in this issue, and the militarization of local law enforcement as they mobilize against Black youth. Fresh off of his return from Ferguson, Missouri, the panel is moderated by Hip Hop artist and activist Jasiri X, founder of 1Hood Media.

Panelist include the following:

Tef Poe
  • Hip Hop artist and activist from an area just outside of Ferguson, Missouri. Tef Poe has been organizing in Ferguson since the beginning of protests and is partly responsible for bringing the incidents to national attention via social media. Tef Poe has written for Time Magazine and was recently honored by The National Association of Black Journalists for his work in documenting the events in Ferguson.
Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson
  • The physical uncle of Oscar Grant (slain victim of police brutality) and the founder of the Oscar Grant Foundation and the Love not Blood Campaign. Cephus Johnson’s activist work led to the first police officer in California history to be indicted for the officer’s role in the murder of Oscar Grant. A consultant on the film, Fruitvale Station, Cephus Johnson assisted in bringing the story to life surrounding his nephew, Oscar Grant. Cephus Johnson has continued his work as an activist, most recently with organizing in Ferguson, Missouri.
Malik Rhasaan
  • Dubbed Time Magazine’s Person of the Year (2011) The Protester, Malik Rhasaan is the founder of Occupy the Hood, an organization dedicated to representing the voice and needs of people of color. Rhasaan, a community organizer and founder of THCradeo, an independent news organization, is currently in organizing in Ferguson, Missouri.
Brandi Fisher
  • As president of The Alliance for Police Accountability, Brandi Fisher continues to champion on behalf of criminalized of Black youth in Pittsburgh and beyond. Fisher first came on the activist scene with the trial of Jordan Miles, high school honor student attacked by Pittsburgh Police. Most recently Fisher has walked alongside Leon Ford is his attempts to seek justice after being paralyzed waist down by Pittsburgh police officers at a traffic stop gone awry.

The discussion will happen on Friday, October 3, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., The Alloy Studios (5530 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206). Admission is free and open to the public. Funding for this talk is provided by The Pittsburgh Foundation and Heinz Endowments.

1Hood Media Academy helps youth critically analyze media messages, broaden media experience, and develop creative skills needed in creating their own media. Our mission is to improve self-image, dispel stereotypes, and provide a positive forum of self-expression. The course will include, though not limited to, Hip Hop lyricism and beat production, the art of blogging, photography, video production, and social media. To find out more information about 1Hood Media, please visit

Event Details

From Pittsburgh to Ferguson: Hip Hop and the Criminalization of Black Youth
Friday, October 3 :: 7:30 PM
The Alloy Studios, 5530 Penn Ave :: Map

  • Free Admission / Donations Accepted