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The Lavender Spell

Presented by Dreams of Hope

The Fey, the world of the witches, is a world without bodies or divisions, without race, gender, or class. Powerful magic forces have torn a hole in the fabric of this world, leaving it vulnerable to the mortal realm. A young witch stands trial. Can they explain what led to this disaster, and why they cast the Lavender Spell?

In this magical dramedy, join the adventure of a young witch and a high school Gay-Straight Alliance as they try to create a better world at the risk of destroying two. Can they learn the true cost of power before it’s too late?

What happens when the members of a high school Gay-Straight Alliance are given magic powers? When do good intentions turn bad? What is the cost of power?

Dreams of Hope will be collecting personal care and hygiene products at all shows, to be contributed to Cathy’s Closet at the Pittsburgh GLCC. Cathy’s Closet distributes personal care items to neighbors in need. Items include soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. We are asking everyone attending a show to please bring an item – unscented if possible – for the drive.

Written and performed by theatriQ Youth Ensemble

Alijah Addis, Corrie Brazell, Natalie Buchanan, Tate Hurt, Malcolm Lewis-Thompson, Kira Lugo, Lauren Mullarkey-Williams, Matt Muschick, Alexi Pinkham, Jordan Sharp, Rowan Sileo, Justice South, Mark Steidl, Patria Taylor, Qjuan Tyler, Matt Venturini, Travis Washington, Antoinette Weir, Renata Weir, Crystal Wilson, Sherry Yang

Director: Adil Mansoor
Assistant Director: Dustin Cranez
Playwright: Paul Kruse
Music Director: Judith Avers
Choreographer: Maree ReMalia
Dramaturge: Luke Niebler
Props/Costumes: Matt Smith
Poster Design: Katie Kaplan

theatriQ is supported by a residency at the Alloy Studios through Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, GLSEN Pittsburgh, The Heinz Endowments, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The MUKTI Fund, The John J. McDonnell and Margaret T. O’Brien Foundation, and the Allegheny Regional Asset District.

Event Details

The Lavender Spell
Friday, December 12 :: 8 PM
Saturday, December 13 :: 8 PM
Sunday, December 14 :: 2 PM
The Alloy Studios, 5530 Penn Ave :: Map