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  1. backstage w/ willi dorner

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    i’m really excited about presenting this work at our theater. i love performance that stretches my imagination and Willi’s work does that in so many interesting and beautiful ways.

    here’s a short video clip made by KST Associate Director, Matt Buchholz, w/ Willi and Mike talking about the work.

    — janera


  2. Willi Dorner Film Wins International Competition

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    From our friends at the Philly Live Arts Festival 7 Philly Fringe…

    “The German Federal Cultural Foundation runs this cool program called Choreographic Captures (click the little British flag in the bottom left to get the English-language site), dedicated to the intersection of film and physical movement. They, in turn, run the International Choreographic Captures Competition, which just wrapped up it’s second year. Guess who won?” — -Nicholas Gilewicz


  3. above under inbetween photos

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    Cie. Willi Dorner has just arrived in Philadelphia. Its nice to hear that due to popular demand an additional show has been added. i can’t wait to have them in Pittsburgh.

    Willi is one of the most interesting choreographers i’ve seen. his interest in form and physicality as well as the beauty and humor in his work makes for an amazing experience.

    Check out the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe…its a great festival and i’m so sad to miss it this year.