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Kankouran West African Dance Company, West African Dance Workshop

Saturday, February 29, 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Saturday, February 29
1:00pm – 2:30pm

KST’s Alloy Studios
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This class focuses on the authentic dance and drumming styles of select West African cultural groups. Classes are taught by KanKouran West African Dance Company Artistic Director, Assane Konte, and are open to all age groups and levels of experience.

KanKouran’s West African Dance Workshop is a part of Black to the Future

Black to the Future: A Festival of Art, Social Justice, and Dreaming, is a reframing of what it means to celebrate Black History Month. The Festival has an eye toward the relationship between remembering and reimagining; it’s a way to honor the past while simultaneously creating the future we want to live in. With concepts from AfroFuturists in mind, Black to the Future brings together “the imagination, technology, the future, and liberation” via experimentation and a redefinition of culture and blackness itself. Black to the Future focuses on the critical impact of art, poetry, and music in helping to change culture so that what we dream will become reality.

Curated by Yolanda Covington-Ward, Dawn Lundy Martin, and Nicole Mitchell Gantt.


Saturday, February 29

Kelly Strayhorn Theater
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Circle of Praise takes us on a spiritual journey using praise and celebration dances from the African diaspora. These dances showcase the complexity of healing and spiritual connection while highlighting the resilience and creativity of people facing systematic oppression. Click to get tickets!