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Down with ODD featuring Yvette Royal

Every Wednesday at 2:00pm, KST Deputy Director Orlana Darkins Drewery takes to Instagram Live for conversations with the KST community in Pittsburgh, and across the USA. Join us to see how folks are managing the impact of COVID-19. On Wednesday, May 20th, Darkins Drewery was joined by founder of Anastasia’s Crown Esthetic services, a boutique spa and salon, Yvette Royal. For more information on Yvette and Anastasia’s Crown Esthetic services, go to: https://www.anastasiascrown.com/crm/

For 20 years, Yvette Royal (Guest, Wednesday, May 20) represented such brands as Clinique, MAC, and Sephora receiving top sales honors. Yvette then packaged her expertise in the makeup and skin care industry and in 2016 founded Anastasia’s Crown Esthetic services a boutique spa and salon. While there are a plethora of services, the signature service is FDA approved endermologie for body contouring and full body waxing. She is the first African American to have an Endermologie business in the state of Pennsylvania. Yvette Royal also serves Beauty professionals and cosmetology students, conducting waxing certification classes at the salon.