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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Clara Kent & Ian Brill debut Aura: Reimagined, an immersive audiovisual experience

EAST LIBERTY, PA, NOVEMBER 16, 2021 – Kelly Strayhorn Theater is proud to present the Freshworks showing, Aura: Reimagined by Clara Kent and Ian Brill, December 3 & 4, 2021 at KST’s Alloy Studios, 5530 Penn Avenue. 

Utilizing light sculptures created by Ian Brill and soundscapes with vocal arrangements, Aura: Reimagined is a personal testament by Clara Kent surrounding the experiences of Black artists in the city. Displaying narratives of frustration, celebration, and most importantly, facing the mirror of self-reflection, the work will merge art and music to immerse the audience into a new world where they can experience the music as it is performed.

The goal is for people to connect with their emotions and inner truths, which we tend to hide away from ourselves, and come to peace with those things. We wish to take people into a new world but not distract them from themselves, using art and music to usher the audience into a vibrant space in expression and honesty in the message. I hope people see that no matter the obstacles they face within or out, they are capable of shining out and that we all have unique colors to display, like an aura,” reflects Clara Kent. 

The immersive, audiovisual experience will feature the music and performance of Clara Kent, coupled with cued light sculptures created by Ian Brill. “The two of us are exploring ways of adding another dimension to her compositions using the visual methodologies and language of expression that I have been exploring with the visual aspects of my art practice. Audiences will see something powerful, unique, and unforgettable,” states Brill. 

Clara Kent is an Afro-Oglala Lakota singer-songwriter and emcee from Homewood, PA, whose integrity and range in creating music, visual art, events, and connections within the community have made her well known amongst many organizations in Pittsburgh, her peers, and the music community. Artist Ian Brill creates interactive, performative, and multisensory environments that focus on the accumulation of form through process. 

Freshworks is KST’s creative residency for Pittsburgh based artists and collaborators. The program provides artists with financial resources, studio space, production staff, lighting and sound design, professional development, and encouragement for creative risk taking. through interdisciplinary collaborations in contemporary dance, theater, music, and multimedia.

Aura: Reimagined is presented as a work in progress at KST’s Alloy Studios, located at 5530 Penn Avenue, on Friday, December 3 and Saturday, December 4 at 8:00pm. There will be a discussion panel with the artists following the performance. 

Tickets for Aura: Reimagined are now on sale at kst.imagebox.dev or can be purchased in person at the event. Pricing is Pay What Makes You Happy!, a sliding scale of accessible price points in order to truly welcome all to enjoy the arts. 

For full season details, COVID policy updates, and tickets, go to kst.imagebox.dev.


Clara Kent is an Afro-Oglala Lakota singer-songwriter and emcee from Homewood, Pa, a Pittsburgh neighborhood known for its talented people. Clara is a self-proclaimed Multidimensional Artistic Individual for very valid reasons. Clara Kent’s integrity and range in creating music, visual art, events, and connections within the community have made her well known amongst peers, the music community, and many organizations in Pittsburgh. 

Clara is a wearer of many hats! Most known for her professional music sombrero, Clara Kent has graced many notable stages across the country. Tempo Networks Grammy Broadcast at BBKings in Time Square, Opener for Wyclef Jean at SXSW, WYEP Summerfest 2019, Comcast’s Light Up Night 2018 & 2019, a 2019 Sofar Sounds Tour, Return the Heart Foundation Broadcast with Mac DeMarco, and many more. Kent earned a cover feature in the Pittsburgh City Paper in April 2018, named “Person of the Year: Music” 2019, and most recently landed an international feature in Photo Vogue Italia in May 2021.

Kent is set to re-release her statement project AURA under the title ‘Aura’s Imagination,’ featuring tracks and collaborations by Yorel Tifsim, Benji., Mani Bahia, and Tribe Eternal’s Bilal Abbey and Pharaoh Lum in early Spring of 2022.

Pittsburgh Resident Ian Brill‘s work focuses on the accumulation of form through process. Through the creation of interactive, performative, and multi-sensorial environments, he considers the boundaries of becoming (versus being) and our immersive relationship with technology. His installations, performances, and writing have been presented internationally, at conferences, festivals, museums, and galleries. Currently, he teaches at Penn State University.


Kelly Strayhorn Theater is a non-profit community performing arts center in East Liberty,  advancing live art through strategic vision and community collaboration with two venues running along Penn Avenue. KST’s Alloy Studios is a cultural hub in the heart of East  Liberty, and the historic Kelly Strayhorn Theater is located in the thriving business district. More than 20 years after its founding, KST continues to use its broad reach to impact the contemporary arts and the community.