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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Find your rhythm with Synchronized: with Soy Sos, featuring dance and music duo slowdanger

PITTSBURGH, PA, November 9, 2021Join Soy Sos and slowdanger at KST’s Alloy Studios for Synchronized: with Soy Sos, an intimate, immersive sound experience with modular synths, electronics, and a mix of traditional instruments! 

Using synchronization-based ensembles, Soy Sos collaborates with contemporary sound artists to create live, improvised sound-scapes as STAYCEE PEARL dance project & Soy Sos dancers move throughout the space. During the evening, slowdanger will collaborate with Soy Sos, creating saturated and atmospheric worlds for movement with layers of live vocal loops, field recordings, and sparse deconstructed rhythms. This informal evening will take place in the Upstairs Studio at KST’s Alloy Studios, giving the evening a loft-like industrial tone. Come for the vibes, sound discussions, and dance! 

You’ll have two opportunities to catch the bold, collaborative soundscapes of Synchronized: with Soy Sos: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 and Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Special guest artist for Wednesday, December 15 will be announced at a later date. Both events will take place at KST’s Alloy Studios in the atmospheric upstairs studio, located at 5530 Penn Avenue. 

Synchronized: with Soy Sos is in collaboration with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers and is presented as part of the PearlArts @ KST Mutual Aid Residency.

For more information and ticket sales, visit kst.imagebox.dev.

Herman Pearl (Soy Sos) is the head engineer and owner of Tuff Sound Recording, as well as the sound designer and co-artistic director of PearlArts Studios. Through PearlArts, Herman creates soundscapes to serve as a component to contemporary dance. As a sound designer and recording engineer, Herman’s repertoire includes a wide variety of projects and collaborators. His work has been featured in various independent films and documentaries, video games, and advertising. He has designed soundscapes for numerous choreographers. He has collaborated with many visual artists to create installations and touring exhibits. He has recorded and produced work for a plethora of recording artists across genres and techniques. Herman has performed, created, and recorded his own music for over 35 years. Photo Credit: Kitoko Chargois 

slowdanger is a Pittsburgh based, multidisciplinary performance entity founded in 2013 by co-artistic directors taylor knight and anna thompson. They use electronic instrumentation, vocalization and choreographic, improvisational and contemporary dance/performance frameworks to create work at the intersection of movement, sound and technology. Their performance work largely centers the body and researches its relationship to other bodies, the environment, sensory information, technology and the unknown/unknowable. The name, slowdanger, was inspired by the road signs that signify a demolition of old surfaces to build upon the remnants. They continue to return to this overarching concept cyclically in performance creation; rebuilding, slowing down to examine the remains and re-imagine new futures. slowdanger’s performance work has been featured across the United States and Canada in venues ranging from proscenium theaters and galleries to nightclubs and dive bars. From directing music videos to scoring  plays,  slowdanger transforms its shape to adapt to a variety of different containers. They use sound as a physical extension of their bodily practices, to further embody and connect with their audience. More info at www.slowdangerslowdanger.com. Photo credit: Anita Buzzy Prentiss

Kelly Strayhorn Theater (KST) is a non-profit community performing arts center in East Liberty,  advancing live art through strategic vision and community collaboration with two venues running along Penn Avenue. KST’s Alloy Studios is a cultural hub in the heart of East  Liberty, and the historic Kelly Strayhorn Theater is located in the thriving business district. More than 20 years after its founding, KST continues to use its broad reach to impact the contemporary arts and the community. 

PearlArts is a dance-focused arts organization that also provides music and media arts programming. PearlArts offers artistic experiences through creative residencies, innovative collaborations, and a broad range of dance and sound education and outreach opportunities. PearlArts is the creative parent organization for STAYCEE PEARL dance project & Soy Sos and Tuff Sound Recording. PearlArts will operate in residence at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater Alloy Studios for 2021 – 2023 as part of the PearlArts @ KST Mutual Aid Residency.