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Jasmine Hearn on [text me when you get home]

Contextual writing from Jasmine Hearn concerning [text me when you get home] the upcoming Artist Talk with Joseph Hall. 

Joseph Hall and I met a lesbian dance party in 2011 or maybe in the lobby of the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. If the first, I was in complete shock that he won first place in the dance competition that we both had entered into. I placed second. If the second, I was in complete admiration of this person who cared so deeply for artists and order.

Joseph and I kept meeting on dance floors from then on at SAPPHO — a bimonthly queer dance party … at post show dance parties at the Kelly Strayhorn… at protests.

We found each other in sweat in joy in movement together spinning in the night.

As I continue my residency at Kelly Strayhorn Theater with A Patient Practice, I am remembering how I have learned to move my queer black body and listening to who I learned from, alongside.


Queer dancing black body

Queer dancing black body at night with spirit and kin alongside

Queer dancing black breathing body at night alongside


Sweat through my white geometric print dress

We were together tequila on the floor
Gin on tongues

Maybe you make out with that one
And I make out with this one

Meeting you at first at a lesbian dance off
You win
And I identify lesbian
You had heels
I got second place


And spark of interest

Who is this guy?




Mayor’s office

Sleep overs

Living room spillage of grooves and the tempo of want and release


Sappho — a bimonthly queer dance party
Like full moon
Like new moon
Like best time to make medicine of sweat and the accidental bumps that immediately are followed by sympathy and apology

The wild
The ancient
The naming of ourselves

Rhythm that didn’t prescribe it self

Cypher without pressure

Sometimes white hands on our breathing black brown sweaty bodies

Mostly eyes

Mostly awe

The Walk home always measured
In the middle of the street
Maybe witnessed

Or lucky rides with friends with cars

Bus no longer running
Black bodies running or walking fast
In middle streets


Or alongside with two others
We flank ourselves

Text me when you get home


photo by Caldwell