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KST Global Stream: 19 Minutes with Joseph Hall featuring Noemí Segarra Ramírez

KST Executive Director Joseph Hall takes to Instagram Live for conversations with arts leaders in Pittsburgh, across the USA, and internationally. Tune in, get to know Joseph, and find out how he and fellow arts leaders around the world are adapting to the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Tuesday, July 14 features a conversation with activist, movement artist, healer, educator and cultural organizer, Noemí Segarra Ramírez. 

19 Minutes with Joseph Hall is a part of KST Global Stream, KST’s COVID-19 responsive online programming initiative.

Noemí Segarra Ramírez (Guest – Tuesday, July 14) is an activist, movement artist, healer, educator and cultural organizer in the field of somatic and social justice practices and experimental dance in Puerto Rico. After traveling and studying abroad, Segarra returned home to manifest a space for new forms in dance and expand the reach of these practices beyond art.  to mobilization and organization. PISO proyecto is a container to approach structured movement improvisation and instant composition as Afro Caribbean and Afro boricua practices of affirmation, embodied sovereignty and agency, and community building. Mutual aid, interdependence, redistribution, collaboration, co creation centering and embodiment of the uses of the erotic redefining power are at the core of our work.