C Street Bass: Fast Facts

By Trevor Miles 

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C Street Bass is a local band that not only performs across Pittsburgh, but also assists with music education around the country. We are very excited to have them at KST for our 7th Annual Suite Life: A Billy Strayhorn Birthday Bash! Read some fast facts about C Street Bass here!


  • This music project consists of five friends- Scott (trumpet), Kyle (trumpet), Gabriel (trombone), Eric (French Horn) and Hakeem (bass trombone)
  • The group has had residencies in Mercyhurst College, University of South Carolina, WBJC Radio in Baltimore and Orcas Island, Washington
  • C Street Brass performs various styles, from Baroque classical to Dubstep
  • C Street Brass also has educational programs nationwide, including a program at Carnegie Mellon University
  • The band also has an alternate music project, Beauty Slap, which is six months old. When playing as their alter ego, their sound is funkier and less classical, reminiscent of the ‘70s


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Check out their music here:


And come and see this cool, funky band at our event:

7th Annual Suite Life: A Billy Strayhorn Birthday Bash


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