Capsule15206: A Legacy Project

Kelly Strayhorn Theater Celebrates 100 years with Capsule15206

By Trevor Miles


East Liberty – Kelly Strayhorn Theater has been commemorating a century of diverse programming this year, by means of Capsule15206.

Capsule15206 is a legacy project that invites the community to preserve their East Liberty experience. Ideas for the capsule include old programs, movie ticket stubs, letters or photographs. The theater is accepting entries for 100 days! The burial of the capsule will take place during Kelly Strayhorn’s East Liberty Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Event, on January 19th, 2015. Community families from East Liberty and surrounding neighborhoods can be a part of the event by attending the MLK celebration and contributing to the capsule!

There is also a digital component to Capsule15206. Using Instagram and Facebook, you can people create a short video or post a picture of their East Liberty Experience using the hashtag #Capsule15206.


For more information, send an email to or visit our website,!

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