Squonk Takes Over

Jackie Dempsey, Autumn Ayers, and David Wallace rock out in rehearsal

The members of Squonk Opera have taken over the Kelly-Strayhorn theater (but in a good way). This is the second big installment in their year-long residency here at the theater, and “Mostly Mayhem” is a collection of songs from their new show “Mayhem and Majesty” that will premiere at KST in March.

The first thing is that Squonk shows are very tech-heavy. Emphasis on the VERY. They’ve brought in the biggest video projector I’ve ever seen to handle all the multiple video feeds and inputs. There are a lot of robotics and machinery everywhere, including some awesome-looking remote-controlled umbrellas. And this is all just for a work-in-progress!

That’s what is interesting about”Mostly Mayhem,” is the fact that Squonk is really soliciting audience opinion to help them craft the new show. It’s been interesting to see how the songs take shape and change even during this week of rehearsal. The other thing I can tell you is that this ain’t no chamber piece. Squonk is LOUD and they’re prepared to blow the doors out here.

All in all, I’m excited for Fri & Sat night. Should be a good time.

(Photo by John Altdorfer)


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